Commercial Renewables

Genmoji loves the challenge of designing complex renewable energy generation solutions, for the diverse needs of our commercial clients. We consider our client’s goals, including energy resiliency, energy efficiency, and lowering carbon emissions. Solar energy provides substantial savings and ultimately increases our customer's return on investment. Our customers range from small and medium businesses, to enterprises, and are involved in such diverse industries as hospitality, technology, pharma, agriculture, tourism, and others.



We streamline the complex process of solar electric integration and provide expertise at every project stage. From design, to execution, to developing financing options to operating your system, Genmoji will create a program that is custom-made for your organization.


The commitment Genmoji has toward its customers lasts well beyond the commissioning of the solar electric system: Our comprehensive Operations and Maintenance service department offers system monitoring, performance reporting, and 24-hour responsive service.


unparallel energy data analytics

At Genmoji we are known for our unbiased take on each of our energy technologies and solutions. This principle is the main driver in our Appliance Energy Consumption Bonus Program. This unique program includes an energy appliance consumption monitor per electrical sub-panel for your home or business, which provides insight into your premises energy use and activity through our iOS, Android, or web app, at no cost to our clients. Our idea behind this? To empower our customer to make better informed energy consumption decisions and ultimately save money. It is our way of ensuring that our slogan is not just empty words. Because at Genmoji, we. offer. assurance.