Home Renewables

Genmoji offers unparalleled value in renewable energy technology, with a focus on offgrid deployments. Our experience in less-than-stellar-grid-markets have made us the #1 trusted name in Offgrid Energy systems installed in Puerto Rico. Our main residential energy and water solutions are detailed below. Contact us for an estimate and advanced design of your system absolutely free, which you can then take to our competition for reassurance. It is the way we do things. Because at Genmoji, we.offer.assurance.


ZeroMass Water

Solar Energy Applications

Solar energy stands at the epicenter of Genmoji’s renewable energy applications. Like many other renewable energy integrators, Genmoji offers solar energy solutions to our residential clients. However, our focus goes beyond just harvesting the sun’s power to create electricity.

Genmoji’s solar energy applications include more than the typical energy generation through irradiance.  We offer solar drinking water applications, solar energy power applications, and solar concentration applications amongst others. Contact us for an appointment to learn how we can start your journey into cost-effective, resilient solar energy.

wind energy of all sizes

Efficient Electron’s Magnetic Air is a high-efficiency renewable electricity generation unit, with a patented turbine design that allows the turbine’s wind blades to rotate on magnetic flux created by powerful fixed neodymium magnets. The magnets’ opposite polarities cause the turbine blades to be suspended in air while they rotate. The magnetic levitation creates a near zero-resistance environment for the main shaft, which not only makes the turbine completely silent, but it also allows it to achieve unprecedented power output and a conversion efficiency 24% greater than wind turbines using ball-bearings. This enables our turbine to generate power at lower wind speeds, spin much faster, and generate more power than a standard wind turbine. It also means that its power output can be sustained for longer periods of time and at more locations around the world

Genmoji integrates these vertical manglev turbines in hybrid renewable energy scenarios, together with solar energy panels, to create a more resilient and efficient offgrid solution for your home, resulting on a lower investment in energy storage, increasing the energy yield output as we extend the hours we can generate energy beyond solar hours. Want to learn more about our small wind energy solutions? Contact us for an appointment.


SkyWind by FuSystems

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energy storage applications

The key to the success of Genmoji’s slogan, “we.offer.assurance”, comes in great part from the use of high efficiency, “military grade” energy storage solutions. Genmoji only uses highly efficient energy storage systems from Simpliphi, BLUE ION AND BMZ among others, offering the highest energy outputs possible, and flexible modular designs, ensuring that the lifetime of your storage capacity lasts well over 20 years, making sure we satisfy your very busy, energy-hungry life. Contact us for an appointment to learn more about how essential energy storage can be for your new energy reality.