HVAC Air Recovery

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units are normally the most expensive items on an electricity bill for commercial buildings.  The average commercial HVAC systems range between 5 to 15 tons where each ton will control the temperature of approximately 600 sq. ft. of space.  As a result, any multistory building will have multiple HVAC units running throughout the year, non-stop for 24 hours a day. 



Genmoji is the exclusive distributor for the Magnetic Air vertical wind turbine in PR, DR and the USVI. Our turbine can be placed in front of commercial grade HVAC exhaust fans to generate predictable, consistent and stable power output 24 hours a day. Due to our high efficiency magnetic levitation design, we can generate all the power without the need for any natural wind. The wind turbine power output using commercial HVAC systems will range between 2kW to 4.5kW depending on the age and size of HVAC system.


Our Magnetic Air wind turbine is a high-efficiency renewable electricity generation unit with unprecedented efficiency rooted in our patented design that allows the turbine’s wind blades to rotate on magnetic flux created by powerful fixed neodymium magnets.  The magnets’ opposite polarities cause the turbine blades to be suspended in air while they rotate.  The magnetic levitation creates a near zero-resistance environment for the main shaft, which not only makes the turbine completely silent, but it also allows it to achieve unprecedented power output and a conversion efficiency 24% greater than wind turbines using ball-bearings.  This enables our turbine to generate power at lower wind speeds, spin much faster, and generate more power than a standard wind turbine.  It also means that its power output can be sustained for longer periods of time and at more locations around the world.



and for our ENVIRONMENTALIST friends

Birds frequently fly into the propellers of conventional wind turbines resulting in terrible injuries and animal cruelty. Because of its compact vertical-axis cylindrical design, the Magnetic Air turbine’s blades create a vortex pressure barrier around the turbine perimeter. This vortex is very easily detected by birds insuring their safety, which facilitates EPA approvals where applicable. Additionally, in standard propeller wind turbines birds cannot see the long propellers rotating and may fly into them.  With our Magnetic Air vertical axis wind turbines there are no propellers and the turbines are easily visible to birds and therefore easily avoidable like any other object.