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Genmoji is committed to Puerto Rico’s social and economic recovery. To that end, we are actively involved in promoting the island’s sustainable growth through partnership with local organizations and individuals. These are some of our inspiring nonprofit partners.


Offgrid Relief

Over 6 months after the wake of Hurricane María, over 70% of all households in Puerto Rico still lacked energy service. This situation continued even further, up until now, for some pockets of the countryside.

Genmoji was fortunate enough to have been invited to participate and help Offgrid Relief, a grassroots organization devoted to restoring people’s lives in and around Puerto Rico’s countryside, through the integration of renewable energy solutions. Offgrid Relief’s efforts have resulted in over 70 households receiving the precious life-saving service. We feel absolutely humbled in the presence of such monumental human beings. Please visit their Facebook page and support this amazing organization.

El Nodo

Genmoji is a proud partner and sponsor of El Nodo, an entrepreneurship development initiative that seeks to turn the historic downtown of Ponce, Puerto Rico, into the hub of entrepreneurial activity for the entire island and the Caribbean basin. To learn more about El Nodo’s mission and activities, visit their website by clicking here.



restart week

Genmoji sponsors and co-produces events with Restart Week, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote an integrated plan for the  economic and social development of Puerto Rico. Restart Week events include several yearly conferences around the island covering topics such as technology, the arts, and entrepreneurship. To learn how you can help Restart Week, visit their portal by clicking here.